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A passion for planning guides her

May 13, 2013 

Judy Salamacha

Shauna Novy treasures lasting memories without apprehension when life pitches its curve balls. She experienced the gratification of travel while working at her former husband’s medical office in Morro Bay. She also found fulfillment helping senior patients navigate their retirement health care programs. Her mother-in-law taught her to enjoy every day, leaving the kindest gift of never being a family burden.

“I have long-term care insurance we got when Dr. Fred Novy and I were married. We got it in 2000 when his mother was 94 and being cared for by live-in skilled care. We knew by getting the insurance then, we would not risk outliving our retirement.”

So when life changed and Shauna Novy needed to find a career living the single life, she determined she wanted to stay on the Central Coast, help other single women and seniors, and continue to travel. Since she was already familiar with medical billing and insurance, she obtained her license as an insurance sales representative and affiliated with Bankers Life and Casualty Company.

“My passion is my work at Bankers Insurance. I want to help women get their insurance in place before they are uninsurable. I especially love to participate in Bankers ‘Forget me Not Days.’ I’ll be at Vons market on Grand in Arroyo Grande this Friday raising awareness for the local Alzheimer’s Association. Bankers has raised over $2.6 million in the last nine years.

“My mom moved to the Central Coast. I joined her from Arizona. She died of a heart attack at 71, but my roommate’s mother died of Alzheimer’s. That’s when I met Gari Cave at Garden House in Morro Bay. I want to commend her for the care the residents receive. And the Cal Poly students for their time at Garden House and Bankers fundraisers. I encourage donations during Alzheimer’s Longest Day June 21.”

Information is at

Novy said she feels everyone should be prepared with critical illness insurance.

“It can help pay for out-of-pocket expenses for the 1 in 3 Americans diagnosed with cancer or cardiovascular disease. A lump sum is paid directly to the insured that can be spent where needed without questions.”

Novy has fond memories of traveling to India, Australia’s Outback, cruising Dubai’s Outback and her favorite visit to the Galapagos, but like planning her trips, she believes in planning for life. She’s based at Bankers Pismo office.

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