Letter to the Editor

Investigate, report

San Luis ObispoMay 13, 2013 

Print newspapers across our country are dying, and the reason most often given is the Internet. We believe that the reason is more simple, and more easily remedied. Newspapers, including The Tribune, seem to forget their business is to report news fairly, not to cover up news not in their frame of political correctness.

Anyone who watched the congressional Benghazi hearings on CSPAN, and then read The Tribune’s regurgitated McClatchy third page article on May 9 about same knows you have no interest in reporting truth, and that you are participating in the cover-up of malfeasance in office by Barack “Benghazi” Obama and Hillary Clinton. You also assigned less importance to the lives of the four men who were murdered in the service of our country than you do to the sexual peccadilloes of anyone.

You are complicit in the murder of these men. Do you think any service person feels safe serving his or her country when the president and the secretary of state order rescue units to “stand down”? It was not newsworthy to you to actually watch and report on these hearings?

Investigate and report truthfully. Your readership will grow.

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