Letter to the Editor

Brown for the people

San Luis ObispoMay 10, 2013 

San Luis Obispo is blessed with educated, thoughtful candidates seeking to fill the open seat on City Council.

I believe in diverse, representative government, which is particularly significant for a five-member, nonpartisan, elected body in an involved city like San Luis Obispo. In that regard, I believe the best person to take the vacated seat on our current City Council is Paul Brown.

• Paul has served on council, and knows the challenges;

• His views represent a mindset not currently present;

• He is committed to honesty and transparency;

• He honors council and constituent-driven decision-making;

• He is younger — 45 years old;

• He is endorsed by Andrew Carter, who vacated the open seat.

Balance on a nonpartisan, decision-making body for SLO is critical. Our current council reflects certain community, business and environmental values … the law, planning, teaching, hospitality, health care and retail management.

We range in age from 59 to 74. If we were politically assessed, we lean to the “left.”

Multiple points of view have validity and the tension developed through differences serves our community well.

I encourage voters to support Paul Brown. His perspective will assure governance by the people!

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