Letter to the Editor

Too many bars

San Luis ObispoMay 9, 2013 

I appreciate Todd Katz’s pollyanna view of Downtown San Luis Obispo in his May 5 letter to The Tribune.

However, most recent surveys circulated by the city and focus groups conducted by the Downtown Association indicate that locals think there are too many bars currently in downtown San Luis Obispo. Most residents feel that downtown no longer has anything to offer them, particularly in terms of retail. And downtown residents complain that there are no longer any necessity goods stores there. The allure of living in or near downtown is diminished by the fact that these residents are obligated to get in a car and drive into the suburbs to do their necessity shopping.

Finally, temperance is not the issue here. The unacceptably high rate of nightly acts of alcohol-induced vandalism, assaults and rapes is clearly documented on the SLO police crime blotter. This unfortunately contributes to the perception that one feels less safe downtown than before.

Save Our Downtown has historically been a strong voice for locating workforce housing in our downtown core, as this is where a large part of the workforce works. However, the only way this will happen is when the downtown core becomes a salubrious environment in which to live and work.

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