Letter to the Editor

Find your niche

Arroyo GrandeMay 8, 2013 

Today we have a large population of senior citizens and sometimes little is written to guide them in what is considered their “golden years.”

Now, I’m sure that most of us senior citizens know that it’s not always so golden, but if we can find our niche in life the rewards can be more fulfilling.

I would suggest doing a self-assessment of past years to see what interests or hobbies have grabbed you over time and perhaps this can help you find future happiness. This may involve activities that are one-onone or getting friends together as a group in an activity, whether it is a sport or hobby such as bowling, walking, bingo, card games, exercise or dance classes, book or poetry clubs, gardening, photography, church activities or my favorite — volunteer work.

I found my niche as a senior citizen a few years ago. I have always had a great love of music and dancing and have now combined it with exercise. I walk every day, but on weekends I walk/dance to my favorite songs for one hour, which rapidly goes by and gives me asmile of enjoyment. So come on, all you senior citizens — find your niche in life!

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