Letter to the Editor

Do something now

Morro BayMay 8, 2013 

As I dropped off my 6-year-old son today at his San Luis Coastal elementary school, I again became painfully aware of how easily some deranged psychopath could walk onto that campus, loaded to the gills with assault weaponry, to perform the unthinkable to our innocent children and staff. This time to our children.

I’ve noticed that ever since 9/11, the SLO County Sheriff has parked an unmanned vehicle in or near the “white zone” at the SLO airport. It may be having the desired effect. I believe that if hijackers’ minds work anything like mine, they’d see that squad car, assume there were officer(s) lurking nearby and head for home to rethink.

Same would go, I’m guessing, for protecting our schools. Park a cop car at each and every campus. Perhaps have a “floating” uniformed officer that makes the rounds of our schools as his duty. I don’t care if the National Rifle Association pollsters say that won’t interfere with the sick person’s well-laid plans. My common sense says that the maniac will see those cars and/or cops and back away from his sick plan.

The bottom line is, let’s do something, and let’s do it now, before the unthinkable happens on our doorstep.

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