Letter to the Editor

Chip seal a mistake

CambriaMay 6, 2013 

I recently had the opportunity to see the chip seal that has caused more than a bit of conflicting opinion. I would not want to walk the shoulders as they are today, and riding a bike would require a compelling need for selftorture to be attractive.

I believe I have adequate qualifications, and I am prepared to offer some suggestions that would solve the problem at a minimal cost and rather quickly.

I am registered to practice engineering in California.

I was employed by Caltrans for a number of years, now retired, serving in virtually every department at varying levels of responsibility.

Step 1: Identifying the problem. A chip seal has never been a correct maintenance application for shoulders. Traffic on these areas is almost zero. Traffic is essential to finish embedding the rock.

Correction starts with complete removal of all rock from the shoulders. This can be accomplished by the local maintenance station using current manpower and equipment. Caltrans should admit an engineering decision was faulty, and no time conducting an expensive study is needed.

I estimate the entire project could be done in four to five days. At the time I was with maintenance, this would be considered routine expenditure.

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