Letter to the Editor

Presidential legacies

CayucosMay 3, 2013 

Using Victoria Grostick’s analogy of naming a library for President Bush, we should then go back and remove Kennedy’s name from his library, an airport, an aircraft carrier, and the space center — for the Bay of Pigs fiasco and for leading us into a war in Vietnam. We should remove Johnson’s name from his library and hospital for failing to bring that same war to a swift close. Carter’s library should remove his name, for leading this country into one it’s worst economic declines.

Almost every president has something named after him. There are 13 presidential libraries, and I venture to guess that Obama will have the 14th, even though, in my opinion, his tenure has been bleak. The libraries are established with private funds and do not honor the man so much as his time in office.

I regret so many Americans rely on the media (social and otherwise) to formulate their opinions and do not research things for themselves. If people did, they would see that Bush was a lot more than just a man who mispronounced a few words and was joke fodder for a liberal media. At least he tried to unite America.

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