New Fiscalini Preserve map charts different mixed uses

ktanner@thetribunenews.comMay 2, 2013 

There’s a new map of the Fiscalini Ranch Preserve that, among other information, identifies trails available for horses and their riders. The map is available at the Cambria Fire Department, 2850 Burton Drive, and the Cambria Community Services District offices on Tamsen Drive.

After various groups and agencies held lengthy and sometimes emotionally heated debates last year, three entrances and five of the ranch’s 13 trails were designated as potential routes for equestrian use.

Those trails are marked in red on the new map (other trails are depicted in yellow). The equestrian trails, which also are available for hiking and biking, are:

• Marine Terrace Trail, which runs from the north end of Lodge Hill’s Marlborough Lane to Windsor Boulevard on Park Hill.

• The Santa Rosa Creek Trail West in the park’s northeast corner is the access for a loop trail created by these trails in the upper mid-ranch:

• Creek to Ridge Trail

• Ridge Trail, and

• Creek to Forest Trail.

According to the county Planning Commission’s action in September, no more than a dozen horses can ride on the ranch in any week, with no more than six in one day. That rule protects the habitat and other ranch users who said repeatedly they prefer not to frequently come face-to-face with a 1,000-pound animal on all the trails.

Riders and their horses must stay out of the creek and sensitive habitat areas.

Equestrians must have a permit to ride, coordinating with Carlos Mendoza, the Cambria Community Services District’s ranch preserve manager.

The Services District owns the 430-acre, forested open-space, ocean-front park. For details, call 927-6223.

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