Letter to the Editor

Contrasting columns

AtascaderoMay 2, 2013 

Thanks for your opinion articles (April 28) from locals John Peschong (Republican) and Zaf Iqbal (Democrat). The pro/con comparisons on California’s high unemployment rate was enlightening, but not in a way you might expect.

While Peschong discussed the issue, how laws affect businesses, which in turn drive business employment decisions, Iqbal used the typical Democrat approach: blame Republicans.

Past professor Iqbal pointed a finger at Republicans in the first paragraph, the last, and in between for a total of five times. Peschong never used the word “Democrat” in his analysis but did discuss tax law, GDP and the economy.

When Iqbal wasn’t blaming those rascally Republicans, he was blaming corporations — corporations that help provide pension funds for retired professors.

I look forward to the next thought-provoking analysis from John Peschong. The blah, blah, blame Republicans mantra of Zaf Iqbal, not so much. The articles present a contrast, in more ways than one.

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