Letter to the Editor

Don’t renew aquarium lease

Avila BeachMay 2, 2013 

I am writing in regard to the Morro Bay Aquarium. As a Central Coast native, I feel the aquarium is a poor reflection of the beauty and abundant spectrum of wildlife our area has to offer.

I hope you listen to what the public has to say today at the Harbor Board Advisory Meeting. There has recently been talk all over Facebook, Twitter and Causes.com about the upcoming meeting. I hope you do all you can to not allow the lease to be renewed for the aquarium.

I do not believe the habitat and “veterinarian” care the aquarium provides are acceptable. I am aware of allegations of animal abuse from several animal protection agencies across the United States. I feel that the only reason the aquarium is still legally running is because there is not legislation specific enough to this particular case to shut it down.

Please do our community justice, as well as the animals, and let’s clean up the bad image the aquarium has brought us. Do not support the renewal of the lease.

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