Broncos’ top seed pushing for playoffs

Special to The CambrianApril 26, 2013 

Coast Union’s top seed in tennis — John McElgunn — has an outside chance to make the CIF playoffs, according to his coach, Ron Ruggles. But in order to qualify automatically, a player has to win 80 percent of his matches, and Ruggles reports that McElgunn’s record in 2013 is 18-12.

However, a Coast Union coach (with support from Athletic Director Bill Clough) can petition the CIF officials and in McElgunn’s case, that approach — with no guarantees — might get the talented player into the post season, Ruggles explained.

Meanwhile, Ruggles said this year’s competition against his team has been “…much, much stronger than we’ve seen before. Almost every one of the players John lost to will be in the CIF playoffs.”

He went on to say that because McElgunn is also a “very, very good surfer” — dividing his energies between tennis and surfing — his tennis game isn’t quite as well-honed as it could be. “I have all the respect in the world for him,” Ruggles continues. “I’ve been to one of his surfing competitions and he’s really good.”

McElgunn’s father, also named John, reports that on March 16, 2013, his son competed in “The Hook” surfing event in Santa Cruz. The next day the Coast Union senior competed in the National Scholastic Surfing Association event at Pleasure Point, also in Santa Cruz.

“At Pleasure Point he got into the semi-finals,” the senior McElgunn explained. “So Johnny has qualified for the Volcom Surf Series May 9 through 11 in Newport Beach.”

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