Letter to the Editor

Tragic failure on guns

San Luis ObispoApril 24, 2013 

My thanks to Alan Thomas for his concise assessment of the National Rifle Association’s lock on our democracy, left “face down in the dirt” by the shameful failure of the Senate to support background checks on gun purchasers. It appears that fear and greed are the only victors.

Thomas connects the dots — it is all about money. In my opinion, the Second Amendment was never meant to guarantee every idiot’s right to wave a gun.

Rather, it has been misinterpreted to the benefit of the gun industry, and touted by the NRA, which owns enough of Congress to prevent the will of 90 percent of Americans. We simply want a safer world for our families.

While my own congressional representatives support reasonable gun control, I now wonder how to proceed. Must we wait until 2016 to restore democracy? Will there be any life left by then? I am embarrassed for our nation. If this were not so tragic, it would be silly.

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