Letter to the Editor

Best choice for SLO

San Luis ObispoApril 24, 2013 

When San Luis Obispo city residents vote to fill the vacancy on our council, I hope they will elect Carlyn Christianson.

Of all the candidates for City Council, Carlyn is the only one with a proven track record in applying good urban planning principles, evidenced by her decade of work on local planning commissions. San Luis Obispo continues to be the vibrant well-planned community it is because of her efforts.

Carlyn Christianson understands and supports the elements critical to good planning: a 1 percent growth cap; housing growth through density, not sprawl; open space preservation and conservation of our natural resources.

She is an independent thinker, able to look at the big picture as well as the fine details. With the city scheduled to update its Land Use and Circulation Element — the city’s blueprint for the next 25 years — her experience will be invaluable.

Why trust the future of our city to another candidate lacking planning experience or whose track record does not prove support for good planning? After doing the research, I believe Carlyn Christianson for council is the best choice.

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