Letter to the Editor

Defeated, not done

San Luis ObispoApril 21, 2013 

Anyone with access to television, newspaper, radio or the Internet certainly must be aware that our current federal system of performing background checks for those purchasing a gun is totally inadequate.

Proposed legislation, defeated by a minority of U.S. senators, offered protection for all Americans. It did not take away anyone’s Second Amendment rights. It closed numerous loopholes, including unregulated gun sales on the Internet and at gun shows. It made it more difficult for criminals, gang members or those with mentally defective or corrupted minds to acquire guns. Comments from those in opposition made little sense. They reiterated the paranoid accusations we hear on a daily basis.

Those making these comments are the same ones who propose or support measures that diminish equality for many, including women, minorities and the poor. Our country has struggled since its inception to ensure equality for all. In our Constitution, the First Amendment gives each of us the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The right to life from senseless gun violence will prevail. Those elected to represent us should not be influenced by special interest money or their own re-election or accept the consequences.

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