Letter to the Editor

More info on GMOs

San Luis ObispoApril 21, 2013 

I appreciate the articles, viewpoint and letters The Tribune has published on GMOs.

I disagree with Mike Broadhurst about allowing genetically engineered produce into the Farmers Market.

If science can produce salmon by genetic engineering that grow twice as fast, what does that do to our bodies when we consume the salmon? I want to know what is in my food. When I purchase at the Farmers Market, I expect it to be fresh and safe for me to consume.

The Tribune ran an editorial regarding the GMO ballot proposal that did not pass. Because the legislation was poorly written, I think that was for the best.

What we now need is well-written legislation to protect consumers and to know exactly what we are buying.

How is this any different than pink slime or hormones and antibiotics that animals are fed, yet are not listed on the label?

I find it frustrating that we cannot trust the Food and Drug Administration to follow up on these issues for us. There has to be a reason that GMOs are not accepted in European countries. And we are not even touching issues about the changes in wheat.

So yes, we need GMO labeling and no GMOs at Farmers Markets.

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