Letter to the Editor

Don’t block French

Pismo BeachApril 18, 2013 

Congrats on a great 2013 marathon; it was a wonderful event, except for those thousands who were severely inconvenienced. Is there not a way that our entire county could enjoy this day without closing Marsh and Higuera streets and access to French Hospital? My mom was rushed to the hospital by paramedics Saturday evening, and the hospital was not able to fill one of her medications on Sunday, April 7 — Marathon Day.

I was unable to get to this important medication on Marsh Street on Sunday morning, and was unable to get to her at French Hospital until late morning, when the San Luis Obispo Police Department was able to help me with a route — after the passing of the runners. Some hospital employees were forced five miles out of their way. Patients and family were inconvenienced, frustrated and ready to sign a petition for a different route.

Please consider us in your planning for next year, and move the marathon route around streets like Palm, Monterey, California and Los Osos Valley Road west of Costco, where it would be less populated and inconvenient to the majority — anywhere but the main streets where closure turned our lives upside down for those same hours that the marathon followers enjoyed.

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