Letter to the Editor

Ballots, not bullets

Arroyo GrandeApril 14, 2013 

Quote: “The strongest preventive measure we can take as citizens is not to arm ourselves with guns, but to take an active part in our own governance.” How well said by Michael Morin in his letter of April 8!

Lucky for us, our Constitution provides a way to do the self-governing with ballots, not bullets. But, if we don’t bother to learn who are the greedy who produce so many needy, and if we don’t protect ourselves at the polls, we, too, will become controlled by tyrants.

Of course, because so much of our media is already owned by a wealthy few, it’s difficult to get truly “fair and balanced” information. However, it is available to those who search for it. Don’t slough. Listen up, wise up, step up and vote. Otherwise, share the guilt for failing to save ourselves and our progeny from abuse.

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