Letter to the Editor

Why go to Cuba?

Arroyo GrandeApril 11, 2013 

I voted twice for our Assemblyman Katcho Achadjian but am beginning to question both my judgment and his.

According to a recent Tribune article, Assemblyman Achadjian was one of a group of people who took a “fact-finding” trip to Cuba. The stated controversy relating to this trip centers around possible conflicts of interest. I have a different concern.

According to the assemblyman, he took the trip “to obtain first-hand knowledge of how (our nation’s) trade embargo impacts the lives of Cubans.”

While this may have been an interesting exercise for Mr. Achadjian, what does it have to do with his job as a California assemblyman representing the Central Coast?

The last time I looked, American policy toward Cuba is determined in Washington, D.C., not Sacramento.

Mr. Achadjian should spend 100 percent of his time looking out for the interests of his constituents and leave foreign policy to our president and his administration.

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