Letter to the Editor

Feel-good legislation

NipomoApril 10, 2013 

Several states, including Colorado and Connecticut, have now passed legislation making it more difficult to legally purchase a firearm. Does anyone seriously think such poorly designed legislation will reduce gun violence?

Complicating the purchase process for people to buy weapons legally would be laughable if the entire societal problem of violence, including gun violence, were not so serious. Unfortunately, gang members, criminals and the mentally ill — the ones who kill people — are not likely to go to a gun store to obtain their guns. These people typically steal the weapons they use. The guns used in the recent Connecticut school shooting were stolen by the shooter — stolen from his mother. Would any of the laws in place have prevented this deranged man from obtaining a gun?

It is long past time for citizens to hold our legislators responsible for passing real, hard-hitting laws instead of passing “feel-good legislation.” Feel-good legislation sounds like it will do something but in fact is meaningless.

Legislators like that these high-visibility laws can often pass easily and run no risk of accomplishing anything. We should punish state legislators and members of Congress who author such worthless legislation.

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