Letter to the Editor

Spanish Springs pros

Pismo BeachApril 10, 2013 

As a native of San Luis Obispo County, a resident of Pismo Beach and a young man planning to stay here for years to come, I am fine with a revised Spanish Springs project.

I feel our elected representatives can make a fiscally sound decision on this project. The voters of Pismo Beach chose government leaders we would think would best represent our community, and it is unfortunate that residents in neighboring communities and special-interest groups would try to take away our democracy.

As Mayor Shelly Higginbotham pointed out, some of the negative consequences of no development would be a noncommunity-oriented project developed by the county and a lack of tax revenue into an aging city.

You can bet that, with no increase in tax revenue from Spanish Springs, the special-interest groups and environmentalists (same people opposed to Spanish Springs) will push for tax increases to pay for downtown revitalization.

If we want to keep taxes down in our city, we need more long-term residents and businesses here supporting the economy. I support a project that works to cut down traffic impacts and where the city gains revenue from Spanish Springs.

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