Letter to the Editor

Take active part

AtascaderoApril 8, 2013 

John Texeira’s letter of March 29 was one of many thoughtful reflections on Sheriff Ian Parkinson’s stand on gun rights. It is clear to me that the most compelling argument for unfettered gun ownership is, for many, the possibility of a tyrannical government taking away our freedoms, as well as protection from the 47 percent that will come swarming into the suburbs like pirates over the side of a ship when the government collapses and they no longer get their checks and start to get hungry.

The strongest preventive measure we can take as citizens is not to arm ourselves with guns, but to take an active part in our own governance.

Right now our rights are being usurped by collusion of lawmakers with moneyed business interests, citizen-corporations if you will, that have not our interests at heart. Big oil, agri-biz, retailers like Walmart, and bankers like Citibank and JP Morgan have no interest in our rights or freedoms. Their sole goal is to enhance their profits, and they have found that the most profitable way to do that is to buy favorable legislation from a compliant Congress.

When citizens fail to batter down our representatives’ doors and tie up their phone lines in protest, our freedoms will be eroded, replaced by the interests of corporations and their bought-and-paid-for government.

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