Letter to the Editor

Apologize to the NRA

San Luis ObispoApril 7, 2013 

Throwing your barrage of brickbats to the NRA back to you for faulty reasoning, and for substituting ridicule for reasoning.

Schools are publicized as “gun-free zones.” Deranged persons who shoot kids in gun-free zones are bullies.

Bullies invariably pick on the least able to defend themselves, to maximize their bullying.

A bully knows he has three to five minutes to shoot children and teachers before police will reach his protected gun-free zone. The bully, the shooter, is the one being protected.

If schools publicized that there are armed guards protecting the children, then they would no longer be safe places for a bully to chance meeting up with an armed guard instead of a defenseless child. Knowledge is power. Why else are you in the publishing busi ness? The very public knowledge that these children are no longer defenseless is protection for them. You owe the NRA an apology, also the children in our community schools.

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