Letter to the Editor

Plant trees at lake

Shell BeachApril 7, 2013 

Lon Allan’s suggestion of “murdering” and eating the geese in Atascadero Lake will cause an uproar. Watch out for bird lovers in tennis shoes carrying pitch forks and torches, Lon.

I have a better suggestion. Yes, there is much goose doo, and the shallow lake gets algae and turns green in the summer when it’s hot. The answer is to plant a native tree every 20 feet around the lake. The roots will suck up the nitrates and the shade will cool the lake. Habitat, not homicide. Our nonprofit, http://OneCoolEarth.org, has hundreds of young trees to donate for such an effort, including sycamore, live oak, canyon oak, big tan oak and even some Big Sur redwoods.

There is water near the edge of the lake and our trees are young and easy to plant. A shovel, young tree and a water bucket is all it will take. All ages can do this. Earth Day is coming. I suggest we get out there with a bunch of trees, volunteers, and solve this problem the good old-fashioned American way: direct action. I’m calling for an Atascadero Lake Tree Posse to ride to the rescue. This may cause a heart attack at City Hall. Any takers?

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