Letter to the Editor

Elect Brown, again

San Luis ObispoApril 4, 2013 

The San Luis Obispo City Council took a major step in opting to hold a special election to fill Andrew Carter’s vacated council seat, rather than naming a replacement for the remainder of his term. Because of that strong, unprecedented action, I urge residents to take this election and their votes very seriously. For that reason, I strongly support Paul Brown’s candidacy to fill the vacancy.

Paul was elected to the council in 2004 and has the ability to step back into that position without a long introductory period. He knows city policy and has been involved in planning, land use and circulation issues. Paul is a strong advocate for maintaining San Luis Obispo’s fiscal health and longterm viability.

Having operated a downtown business, Paul understands the “bottom line” that both cities and businesses must maintain. Lack of that understanding has caused problems for several California cities.

As a former City Council member, I understand what is required to fill that position. Paul Brown has the skill, desire and integrity to “hit the ground running.” Please join me: Vote for Paul Brown in the May special election.

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