Letter to the Editor

Some nerve

AtascaderoApril 3, 2013 

How dare Lon Allan suggest that the geese at Atascadero Lake be taken and dumped at Soda Lake! Even worse, how dare he suggest a goose barbecue!

What does he think a lake is for? It is for waterfowl. My sister and I walk the lake every day and look forward to seeing and talking to the geese (yes, I said talking). We know their names and who is shy and who is aggressive (Sandy is the one to watch for that). We make sure Bonnie is OK as she is old. Yes, we even give them bread occasionally.

I have done this for seven years, and I have never seen them on the bandstand. In fact, that area is fenced off for the rebuilding, so how have the geese touched the new sidewalk or bandstand, as Allan suggested? They rarely go on the concrete leading to the Pavilion. And yes, Lon Allan, I love my chickens, too! Maybe you need to live in a sterile bubble.

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