Grover Beach to again look at becoming a charter city

clambert@thetribunenews.comMarch 29, 2013 

Grover Beach City Hall


The Grover Beach City Council on Monday will take another look at its charter measure — which narrowly failed on last November’s ballot — and consider whether to put it before voters again.

The measure would have changed the city from a general law to a charter city, allowing city officials to draft their own rules on election procedures, bidding for contracts and rules for use of city property.

City officials also hoped the change would protect them from state money grabs. They included provisions in the charter to prohibit the reduction of city revenues by another entity, including the state, and one to limit the state’s requirement to implement mandates unless they are properly funded. The measure drew opposition from some union members and local residents, however, because it would have also exempted the city from paying the prevailing wage to workers on construction projects when using only locally generated dollars. Prevailing wage ensures workers on construction projects are paid a wage comparable to the local standards not beholden to the market.

According to city officials, because market labor rates tend to be considerably lower than the prevailing wage rate, the city could save money on projects it pays for with strictly local funds.

The charter measure failed by four votes in November.

Now, City Manager Bob Perrault wants to know if the City Council wants to try again. The city could place another measure before voters in June 2014. Or, the council could form a committee to review the draft charter and suggest possible changes.

The council could also decide not to pursue a charter measure at this time.

The council meeting starts Monday at 6:30 p.m. at 154 S. Eighth St. Go to for more information.

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