Letter to the Editor

Challenged to grow

Morro BayMarch 29, 2013 

Many thanks for Judy Salamacha’s outstanding “By the Bay” Column (March 25) discussing the history of the Morro Bay Library and the exceptional personalities responsible for our present building.

As we learn about the efforts of the Baileys, John Kim, Ruth Melton and many others, it reminds those of us serving on the board of directors for the Morro Bay Friends that we are challenged — along with Friends groups in the the communities of Atascadero and Cambria — to stand on the shoulders of our predecessors and continue to grow what they have begun.

As Joe Carotenuti points out in the introduction of his book, “San Luis Obispo County Library — a Brief History”: “Our civic ancestors knew an essential quality of a worthy and worthwhile life was literacy and its companions and advocates — the school and the library.”

Let us hope that Ms. Salamacha’s words help to excite and invigorate all of our communities on the Central Coast to support public libraries as they move forward to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

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