Letter to the Editor

Time to stand up

Morro BayMarch 27, 2013 

I would like to commend Bonnie Wamsley for her letter on equal pay for women and her organization, American Association of University Women, for consistently fighting the good fight for women’s rights.

At this time in our history, we shouldn’t even be having a conversation on equal pay for equal work. Today, women university students preparing for careers are significantly outperforming their male counterparts. In the workplace they have proven themselves time and again as executives, educators, politicians, doctors and even in traditionally male roles such as truck drivers or construction workers.

Throughout history, women have fought for the right to own property, vote and receive an education. They continue to battle against domestic abuse, sexual harassment, and equality in compensation with a conviction we of the male species apparently lack. There are too many backward-thinking men in this country with a lingering but unfounded sense of superiority, or more likely a fear of being outshone and losing their grip on the power.

Perhaps it is time for each of us to stand up as real men and join our sisters in their fight for complete equality.

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