Toss the Save Atascadero lawsuit

VenturaMarch 17, 2013 

With a court date coming for the Save Atascadero group, it is my greatest hope that the judicial system will quickly discard this lawsuit and return the wishes of the Atascadero community to Atascadero. As a former resident of Atascasdero, I find it a disgrace that a group so-named to save a community turns to sue the same community for financial gain in a benign effort to choke the same community with its quest to succeed.

Despite the environmental impact concerns this group has declared, this group has disqualified itself by endorsing other competitive retailers to pursue similar-size stores instead of Wal-Mart in this same Atascadero market. The economic impacts would remain the same and the declarations are a hypocrisy.

The message of this group is now one of desperation, and the pursuit of their message is now antagonistic. I will hope the court delivers a decision that promotes the wishes of the community and that the extended EIR process was proper and complete. I would like the court to discourage groups like this from bringing frivolous actions. Furthermore, let this court discard the financial pursuits of the “Out of Town” law firm and allow the city of Atascadero to recover from this group their legal expenses.

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