Letter to the Editor

Fix the road

AtascaderoMarch 15, 2013 

Last weekend I was joined by several friends, and we rode our bicycles to Ragged Point. It was a beautiful day, but I was a little concerned about riding on the recently chip-sealed section of Highway 1 that I have been reading about. Everything was fine until we reached the north side of Cambria. As soon as we passed onto the new chip-seal, we could instantly feel a buzzing vibration in our hands, feet and saddle.

The shoulder is uneven, rough and covered in loose stones. We were constantly being struck by rocks kicked up by our own wheels, our fellow cyclists wheels and on occasion, a passing automobile. This continued for approximately five miles and then the “old” surface returned for about one or two miles. Wow, what a difference.

Just as we were thinking that all was well, the new chip-seal started again. This continued for approximately 15 miles, when we suddenly rode onto new, smooth asphalt. Thinking that Cal Trans was fixing the road from north to south, I was relieved. Not so fast. The chip-seal returned within a mile or so and continued to Ragged Point.

Please Caltrans, fix the road properly.

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