Letter to the Editor

Thank sheriff for stand

Los OsosMarch 10, 2013 

We gun owners in San Luis Obispo owe a big thank you and a pledge of support to our sheriff. His stand against any federal infringement of our Second Amendment rights is a courageous act in light of the controversy raging over the gun issue. Write Sheriff Parkinson and let him know that he is not alone!

Ian Parkinson, Sheriff 1585 Kansas Ave. San Luis Obispo, CA 93405

There is more to be done. We need to go on the counteroffensive against unconstitutional gun laws and the people who make them.

Make no mistake, the antigun people are aggressive, well funded and will scruple nothing in their assault on our rights. They are not going to just go away.

We can fight them through our elected representatives in Sacramento and Washington. National Rifle Association members can use the “Write your reps” website. You can sign a petition on the “White House petition” website. You can write our representatives personally. Let them know that they will be replaced if they fail to protect our rights.

Once again, tell Sheriff Parkinson how much you appreciate his stand.

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