Letter to the Editor

More facts needed

San Luis ObispoMarch 9, 2013 

In reading and re-reading the Feb. 24 article by Jonah Owen Lamb titled “Faith in the farmers,” I was struck by how much of the article was an attempt to make much ado out of very little. Even quoting the statistics shows a very minor number of violations per year.

As a weekly attendee at the SLO Farmers Market on Saturdays, I can certainly attest to the seriousness of the management, the cooperation of the farmers, and the absolute quality of produce that is offered. As far as the accusation by Jennifer Bradley of 7th Heaven Organics in Cayucos, if she knows farms that are “spraying” while denying such action, let her name them.

And as for her statement that the markets are more expensive than at grocery stores, can she tell me exactly what local grocery store could possibly sell me a large, just-picked head of green leaf lettuce for $1? On my budget, I’d love to know.

I think your paper needs to report more facts than to cast doubts on what seems to be a wonderful, vibrant part of living in San Luis Obispo.

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