Letter to the Editor

Support for Shumey family

Paso RoblesMarch 1, 2013 

Thank you to the Shumey family for their courageous Viewpoint published Feb. 26.

Those of us who have loved ones with difficult-to-treat mental health diagnoses can sympathize with the public agony that your family has endured over these last months. I agree that maligning both of Christopher’s parents during the trial was unnecessary and must have greatly increased the family’s grief; his parents obviously devoted much of their time and energy to trying to get him help.

Resources for mental health diagnosis and treatment are limited in our county and across the nation, and I believe that we all have the responsibility to learn more about what is available and how we can help. A good place to start is the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill; its website at www.nami.org is very comprehensive.

I would like to send my sincere wishes to Pamela, Bryan, Claudine and Robert for strength and support in the healing process that you must now face. Many of us in SLO County are behind you.

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