Letter to the Editor


CambriaFebruary 27, 2013 

So in his Feb. 24 column, Mr. Cuddy in his bygone days of covering other government entities thinks that two councilmen in a California border town throwing punches, or two school board members in a Boston suburb shouting at each other at a meeting is just “zany stuff.”

Apparently Cuddy believes that the “toxic” environment in our county supervisory meetings is far worse than the above two incidents and rests solely at the feet of Supervisor Arnold. Maybe the real reason Cuddy and his like-thinkers disapprove of Supervisor Arnold’s actions is because she won’t go along with the status quo just to get along.

Supervisor Arnold strikes me as one who will not be intimated by the resident “bully” on the board and for good reason should distrust another colleague who in his actions has proven himself untrustworthy.

Maybe it is time for Mr. Cuddy to start taking a closer look at himself in the mirror when he shaves. Oh, I forgot, he doesn’t shave, and that just might be why he is unable to formulate impartial opinions: a lack of self-reflection.

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