Letter to the Editor

Pick up the beach

Student at Teach Elementar,y Morro BayFebruary 15, 2013 

One day, my teacher told us to choose a community action project. I immediately knew what I wanted to do: a beach cleanup. I chose a beach cleanup because I knew trash can hurt many animals in the ocean. A floating plastic bag looks like a jellyfish to a dolphin. It might eat it, then choke and die. I planned to pick up trash from Morro Bay to Cayucos.

I found out, when researching, about a large pile of trash floating in the middle of the Pacific Ocean that is the size of Texas! I wanted to stop this junk pile from getting bigger.

So every weekend, I went to the beach to pick up trash. I picked up more than 20 pounds! I was proud, but I knew people, not caring about the consequences of their actions, would still litter and add to the trash heap in the Pacific.

I want more people to pick up trash than people who litter it. If every person picked up one piece of trash, imagine how clean the beaches would be! The animals of the ocean would be safe, and the Pacific trash heap wouldn’t expand. What a great day at the beach!

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