Letter to the Editor

Back to the old ways

Arroyo GrandeFebruary 14, 2013 

Evan Peterson, right, and James Ralston, seniors at Templeton High School, race to put on seat belts in a timed competition.

JAYSON MELLOM — The Tribune Buy Photo

Regarding the recent letter, “A dangerous power” ( Feb. 6), my slumbering eyes have been opened! I was not aware of the government’s sleazy usurpation of our basic freedom to plunge, unrestrained, through our windshields!

The Seatbelt Conspiracy, as explained by the author of the previously noted letter, has, little by little, taken away our right to endure blunt force trauma and extensive lacerations resulting from moderate collisions. I say bring back the days of steel dashboards and non-collapsible steering columns! And don’t get me started on airbags!

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