Letter to the Editor

For benefit of all

Los OsosFebruary 11, 2013 

Teach School is not elitist. It has open enrollment for all students in this district. There are children from low-income families attending Teach, and students come from diverse backgrounds.

Teach is for students who are committed to working hard, doing more hours of homework and devoting more hours to projects. Parents who decide to send their children to Teach tend to be willing to volunteer when they have free time between their jobs, and to help their children with their schoolwork.

For many years, Teach had low enrollment because some parents did not want to have their children and themselves working at this high level. Other school districts have magnet schools like Teach, and it is for the benefit of all of us to help hardworking students reach their potential so that they use their abilities to help all of us.

What is unfortunate is that Teach is only a three-year program. The middle schools are not challenging and the high schools are only challenging for these students if they fill their schedule with honors and AP classes. Other school districts have art, science and other specialized schools.

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