Letter to the Editor

Share in the cost

Los OsosFebruary 11, 2013 

Caltrans would have more funds for road repairs if cyclists had to have a license to use the roads. Auto drivers have a license, so why not cyclists? They should be required to license not only their vehicle, but also the operator. That would require them to learn the rules of the road, and also to obey them. That means full stops at stop signs and signals, and not always demanding right of way.

Auto drivers also pay high gas costs and high taxes on gas. The cyclist wants a free ride all the way. OK, so I don’t mind our costs as drivers, but cyclists should be sharing costs, too.

They have separate lanes, and that ups the cost, too. It’s nice to like “green,” but less griping and more of a financial share would be in order. A side benefit would also provide new jobs for training them, testing, licensing, etc. How can it be wrong?

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