Letter to the Editor

Blame science, not cats

Paso RoblesFebruary 10, 2013 

Many bird conservation groups are blaming outdoor domestic cats for dwindling bird populations in the United States, even to the point of extinction.

Cats are highly desirable to many people not only as a companion animals but for their excellent hunting skills when it comes to rodent/vector control.

What many of these bird conservation groups fail to mention is that birds and other wildlife species are on the decline due to pollution, climate change, deforestation and habitat destruction.

To wage a war on the domestic cat is absurd and inhumane. I concur with the belief that “selective junk science” in the news recently is to blame.

It is wise to be objective and look at who does these studies and who is funding them.

Community cats (otherwise known as strays, ferals and abandoned cats) have plenty of environmental hazards to contend with such as: disease, starvation, automobiles and predation by coyotes, dogs and birds of prey, to name a few.

Humane education and aggressive spay and neuter efforts are essential and proven effective in promoting healthy cat populations and in reducing their reproduction rate.

To continue to blame the domestic feline for bird decline? Hmmm … perhaps when cats fly.

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