Letter to the Editor

Just defending himself

San Luis ObispoFebruary 10, 2013 

By now, people should be familiar with the case of Austin Sarna from reading articles in the media.

Sarna came to the assistance of a young man being attacked by a gang of admittedly drunken locals near Mission Plaza last January.

According to Sarna, he brandished a knife after being threatened himself, then used the knife after being attacked, kicked and beaten by several of them.

None of the attackers, one a local athlete from a prominent family, has been charged by the local district attorney with anything.

Only Sarna, a poor young man with now a fiancee who recently gave birth to their child, has been charged, and with attempted murder plus assault with a deadly weapon. Sarna admittedly was in SLO County in violation of probation from Vallejo and was in possession of a knife.

But the circumstances of this case in San Luis Obispo are clearly those of his being a good Samaritan and then defending himself against a violent attack. The charges against him are ridiculously harsh and unfounded.

The District Attorney’s Office should drop all felony charges against Sarna and arrive at a reasonable resolution to the case.

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