Letter to the Editor

Happy dogs, clean beach

Executive director, Morro Bay National Estuary ProgramFebruary 10, 2013 

The Morro Bay National Estuary Program would like to express our gratitude for Cayucos Realtor Dale Kaiser’s recent donation to the Cayucos Lionness Club to fund the Mutt Mitts at Toro Creek dog beach. Mutt Mitts are free plastic bags provided in easyto-access dispensers for dog waste pickup.

Picking up after our dogs helps preserve clean coastal waters by reducing bacteria that wash into creeks and the ocean during rainstorms. Mutt Mitts aid dog owners in being good stewards of our local beaches and coastal access points. In addition to the efforts of the Cayucos Lioness Club, the Morro Bay National Estuary Program manages Mutt Mitt dispensers in Morro Bay.

This effort is volunteer-run and funded in part through the generous donations of local citizens such as Dale Kaiser.

Next time you are at the beach with your dog, don’t forget to “pick it up” and dispose of waste properly. Happy dogs, healthy people and clean water!

For more information about our program and how to support our efforts, please visit our website: www.mbnep.org.

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