Letter to the Editor

Spread Teach around

San Luis ObispoFebruary 7, 2013 

The combination of moving Pacheco School to the old Teach campus and moving Teach School into portable classrooms on the Bishop’s Peak campus has placed a traffic burden on this part of town that is ridiculous. Most of the students in these programs are driven to school each morning and the result is bumper-to-bumper gridlock on Patricia Drive that continues onto Jaycee Drive.

All the streets around Bishop’s Peak School are impacted by cars looking to drop their children off somewhere new to avoid that traffic jam. With Bishop’s Peak campus expected to reach 580 students, it is time to move the Teach School program somewhere else or just integrate it onto all campuses and offer a gifted program at all schools. I would not label that as closing Teach School, but rather spreading it around so that students on all campuses can benefit from accelerated learning.

I am sure that every campus has many gifted students who could benefit from the extra resources provided by a program of this nature.

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