Letter to the Editor

Unthinking Congress

San Luis ObispoFebruary 7, 2013 

The Sacramento Bee editorial on Amgen and Medicare (Tribune, Jan. 28) unfortunately says it all about how our Congress operates.

Members of Congress do not seem to think they are there to do the best for our country — what an old-fashioned notion.

No, they wish to take care of the lobbyists and drug company giants like Amgen, even when it puts Medicare more in the red. Amgen has 74 lobbyists, gives away lots of campaign money, breaks the rules paying huge fines and comes out a winner because our Congress has no integrity (no grit, no guts, no honesty).

Why should it be necessary to add “plums” to get a bill through Congress? What is wrong with our thinking? If a bill is good for the majority of the country and a source of revenue is available it should be passed, without adding “pork” to the final bill.

Lawmakers are voting to stop automatic tax hikes and spending cuts — they won’t seriously discuss ways to solve the fiscal cliff and debt ceiling, but they will spend more for a company (Amgen) that does not need the money. Clearly our Congress is not thinking. I find it very difficult to have respect for any of them.

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