Letter to the Editor

A homeless solution

AtascaderoFebruary 4, 2013 

Regarding the Jan. 23 front-page article about the vacant Youth Correctional Facility in Paso Robles and the Jan. 24 report of the homeless head count of 1,150 people living on the streets, in creekbeds and parks between Nipomo and San Miguel:

Look no further, County Supervisor Frank Mecham, here is a perfect match.

The Paso Robles property could and should be used as a village for short- and long-term homeless people. There are already living quarters there. With the addition of a farm with vegetables, fruit trees and food-producing animals, plus some home industry such as weaving and ceramics, the village might become self-sustaining. Of course there would be counseling and health services, too. With the development and maintenance of the village, new employment opportunities would be available as well.

I would encourage all readers who agree with this idea to contact the county supervisors and urge them to consider it.

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