Letter to the Editor

Price Canyon pitfalls

Pismo BeachFebruary 4, 2013 

Pismo Beach is going to approve a monstrous development, hundreds of homes, a hotel, a nine-hole golf course, a convention center and more. This Southern California developer is going to destroy Price Canyon and then leave.

I am not anti-development; this developer has the right to develop this property as currently zoned. The city has been changing its policies to suit this developer and not listening to the citizens.

There will be no mitigation for the traffic created — it will affect everyone who uses Highway 101 and Price Canyon Road.

Caltrans stated that when built, this will cause Highway 101 to go to the worst grade possible. The city’s attitude has been, “the traffic is bad anyway and will be at (the worst grade) eventually, so tough luck.”

We don’t have to accept this “let them eat cake” attitude.

This is our quality of life that will be impacted. Please email the city and come to the Tuesday meeting at 6:30 p.m. at the Pismo Veterans Hall. Be patient; it’s going to be long, so bring a good book, but please come and voice your concerns.

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