Three deserving Bronco athletes

Special to The CambrianFebruary 2, 2013 

There’s far more to life than sports — although you could get an argument about that from millions of players who live for the competition and from untold millions of fans who passionately pay good money to witness games in person, and who eagerly watch games on television.

And on a local level there’s more to Coast Union sports than football; and in fact football is just one of nine competitive Bronco sports programs.

This reporter has one last football storyline to chronicle, while finally closing out the 7-3 Broncos’ eight-man season in 2012.

Three players — none of whom made the end-of-season awards list from their coaches — certainly deserve acknowledgment on the theory that it is never too late for a deserved pat on the back and tip of the cap:

Nolan Baldwin — Until he injured his shoulder, the senior personified grace, precision and patience at the quarterback position. A classic example of his talent and leadership was in full view at Bloomington Christian in Southern California on Oct. 5. The Broncos fell behind 8-16 in the first quarter but Baldwin connected with Emmany Godinez for a touchdown at the start of the second quarter and Baldwin then dove over for the two-point conversion. In all that game, Baldwin scored three TDs and ran for 104 yards. The Broncos won against a tough team, 36-24.

Grant Magnuson — The junior nose tackle and center had a great season blocking and tackling and making sure his snaps got safely into the hands of his quarterback. In that same game against Bloomington Christian, Magnuson — an estimated 250 pounds — handled the hard-charging nose guard for Bloomington Christian who weighed 350 pounds and was a foot taller than Magnuson. “Grant protected our quarterback on offense and was catching their running backs on defense,” said KTEA-FM broadcaster Steve Spisak.

He made six tackles that game and recovered a fumble. Grant also plays a fine brand of baseball, both at the plate and on defense at the “hot corner” (third base).

Emmany Godinez — One of the fastest and most athletic players on the Broncos, Godinez has terrific hands as a receiver and is a sure tackler as well. There were several times during the football season when a hard-charging opponent had an open field and was heading for a score, but Godinez’ blazing speed saved a touchdown as he a tackled the ball-carrier from behind.

Godinez has the ability to intercept passes intended for taller receivers simply because of his on-field alertness and agility. Godinez also plays soccer and baseball.

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