Bouquets and Brickbats

Partying for Super Bowl? Be responsible

letters@thetribunenews.comFebruary 1, 2013 

Go-team bouquets — along with chips and guacamole — are on order for all you Super Bowl revelers who party responsibly on Sunday. For those who don’t, we have flagrant foul brickbats coated with curdled dip.

Yes, it’s exciting to have a California team in the game. And even if you’re not into football, there are those cute baby ads, and don’t forget the “Puppy Bowl” at noon on Animal Planet.

But, please, if you’re going to celebrate — or drown your sorrows — by overdoing it with your favorite brew, find a designated driver, take a cab, walk … just don’t get behind the wheel.

SLO’s top goal needs follow-through

Homelessness — or more specifically, finding ways to alleviate homelessness — topped the SLO City Council’s list of goals for the two-year budget cycle. That qualifies the council for a garland of good intentions, but we’ll hold the bouquet until we see some results.

It’s not that we doubt the council’s sincerity. It’s just hard to get excited about the $300,000 that’s been budgeted for homeless support services when you consider the city spent more than $130,000 to defend itself against the lawsuit filed on behalf of homeless people criminally cited for sleeping in their cars. That amount doesn’t include the $133,000 in fees the city has been ordered to pay to the opposing attorneys. Had the city focused more on homeless services, rather than criminal citations, perhaps those costs could have been avoided.

On a sunnier note, we’re glad to see that the council included a new skate park on its list of goals — and we don’t want to raise false hopes, but what’s this about the possible reopening of the long-closed public restrooms in the downtown area?

Dog rescuer doing good work

We’re fetching a big bouquet of dogwood blossoms for Cheri Lucas and her pack of rescued pups. As many county residents already know, Lucas has been giving stray, abandoned and hard-to-place dogs a new lease on live through her Second Chance at Love Humane Society in Templeton.

She’s also helped educate dog owners on a much wider stage through her work on “Leader of the Pack,” a Spanish television reality show that teamed her with celebrity dog trainer Cesar Millan.

“The mission of the show is to not give up on shelter dogs,” Lucas told The Tribune — a philosophy she’s put into practice at her no-kill shelter in Templeton. To learn more about the shelter, go to

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