Letter to the Editor

Reduce the need

Grover BeachFebruary 1, 2013 

In his Jan. 31 letter Dwayne Head expressed his concern that Assembly Bill 154 will be passed and that “women can obtain an abortion with as little effort or thought as they put into getting their flu shot.” I appreciate his rational, well-written assessment. Too many letters on this topic and other controversial ones are full of anger and vitriol. Replying to such letters is pointless.

Mr. Head’s letter, on the other hand, encouraged me to reply, hopefully in the same manner and tone. I am a proponent of women’s right to choose, but I hate the need for abortion. My ideal would be that women have access to information and counseling and reliable birth control to avoid pregnancy.

Access to such could greatly reduce unplanned and unwanted pregnancies and the need for abortion. Counseling and planning pregnancies speak of effort and thought, two things Mr. Head indicates he believes are important, as do I, in eliminating the need for abortion. Situations involving rape or the health of the mother might require abortions, but overall, the number would be greatly reduced.

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