Letter to the Editor

Resist development

Pismo BeachFebruary 1, 2013 

We need your help. For months — no — years, some of us have resisted efforts to deliver Price Canyon into the hands of commercial developers.

The plan includes hundreds of houses, a hotel, a convention center, a nine-hole golf course and senior housing, creating an inland satellite village. This is not needed or wanted by the majority of residents. Wherever you live in Pismo Beach, you will feel the impact of added traffic, air and noise pollution and tax increases to support infrastructure. There is not one county agency or expert who supports this project. The developer has begun a campaign to drum up support for his project by hiring canvassers from an Atascadero company.

It is vital that you come and tell the council how you feel. If you don’t speak, it will not be recorded in the minutes. Bring a snack if you must, don’t leave. For more information, visit http://SavePriceCanyon.com.

There are better plans out there. I urge you to make your voices heard. If you’ve never been to a City Council meeting before, make Tuesday’s your first. It starts at 6:30 p.m. Plan to stay until 10:30 p.m.

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